River flow

Another altitude variation trusted on the river bed… And you don’t know, river flow, how it was that you went from cold dense forests to less greenish and vast savannas, making it seem as if life happened between changes of scenery like in a rushed theater play; beautiful it all. You no longer know where you came from, nor do you know where you will go. Meanwhile, minutes and their kamikaze strategy forever come and go.

Do not stop now, river flow; keep the current on the go. You are fed up with disappointment, but never stop. Nature works with cycles: sunset or dawn; die, live or be born; spring, autumn, summer or winter; and beyond. Bear it all hence tears and soft giggly sounds are part of your very nature; learn and grow.

Feel the ground, grass and stone; look at the changing sky. Below and above, while a tear trace is erased from the track of time. There is still so much to see ahead, where the river cause leads the course. Expectant, dream with hope, believe fate guides everything outside the minds and hearts of the forest’s wolves.

Celebrate. It is all abstract. Didn’t you know?