Made up wars

Take up arms. A new made up war that was planned long time ago by a bunch of brain cells.

Take up arms. In defense of liberty. In defense of profit. In defense of peace. What is real?

Take up arms. The location was unknown until the day that beheld a  revelation had come.

Take up arms. Face the unknown that makes you worry and rant; and calls for teary eyes.

Take up arms. Make plans. Make distances insignificant. Make time spread, as ductile steel.

Take up arms. You bear the unbearable. Wicked pain. You might faint, but strong you remain.

Take up arms. Today, tonight. Tomorrow. I share with you my soul if yours gets stumbled upon.

Only real wars are worth the fight. The only real wars are those from the heart.


A tendency…

Placing my thoughts and words in the piece of Earth that is somewhat aware of my footsteps, I’ll dare say -almost affirm- something: a thought is governing the lifestyles of people nowadays.

Following desire. Pleasure placed as the main and most important thing to enjoy life at the fullest. All in hand with the avoidance of pain.

There is so much to wonder and ponder. It has taken thousands of years of civilization to reach to a conclusion: nothing is conclusive… But something does come up when I think of my 6 year old cousin, remembering what he said that day when he ate as much chocolate cake as I could have eaten in 3 days (“oh, my tummy hurts real bad”)… the pleasure of sweet and chocolate, was transient. Pain came unexpectedly to the young mind. The thing is, if you don’t measure your pleasure, on the short or long term you could be getting even a bigger pain than the one you so strongly avoid.

I warn you that I will speak now of something I’m totally not experienced about; and here it goes… Great as some pleasures can be, as casual sex for example, couldn’t that pleasure get to be counterproductive in the future? What if you are missing of a greater pleasure that can involve much more aspects about your true self, other than physical satisfaction?

And pain. Pain. It’s normal to want to minimize it, but it will never stop coming in this life. And as awful as it is, pain comes many times with things we learn. Quoting Gibran: Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Do not underestimate pain.

There’s a balance that is obviously shown to us by nature. From temperature exchange between masses, to the water cycle, to the placing of electronic charges in a given atom. Ugly pain and sweet pleasure, come in measure.

I wouldn’t look for pleasure, I would look for balance.