Likes, dislikes and alikes

People, you are about to learn a few things about me…

You can assume by now that I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, and that’s totally true. I love computers; apart from being good at fixing software and some hardware problems, and having some basic programming knowledge, I adore the amount of information available via the internet… Bruges, Nadal, conspiracy theories, world news, quantum physics, talking dogs, not so legal downloads (.mp3 .pdf .iso .exe), supernovas, etc., etc. Also, my work and/or studies keep me glued to a chair and monitor.

Apart from this, I’m a big fan of learning languages, and I do dedicate some time each day to keep alive the language I already handle almost as my native tongue, or practicing a couple of other languages I’m trying to get a hold on to. I do this online on learning languages sites and such.

I like to kiss, chocolate and music. I love books, animals and trees. I hate lies and prejudices. I dislike garbage on the streets. I don’t eat anything that could move or emit sounds when it was alive, I don’t drink alcohol or coffee, and… oh! I fall easily in love.

Despite my wonderful family, and a couple of good friends, I have failed to find someone that shares a lot in common with me; I’ve never been alone, but rather lonely.

I personally think that life sucks, but there are certain things, happenings, goals or situations that make life worth it.