You are on your way, little one. I already love you, and I can assure -more immediately and certainly than I have ever done before- that I will love you every new day.

There is so much love awaking around you, growing along your milimetric size, awaiting for your cheeks, getting ready to assist you throughout your life…

You were a surprise, you know? Some quote the will of God, I quote irresponsibility; I wish your mom and dad were more aware, mature, healthy, and independent, in order to receive you… But they are good people, and they love you so much! They are so happy. I have witnessed their love for each other more strongly now, and wherever life leads them, one thing will remain unchanged: they will both love you more than anything and anyone else in the world, forever.

From your dad’s side, I can only tell you that everyone in the family is full of joy with the news of your coming.

From your mom’s side, people are happy too, and I can tell you that you are coming to a peculiar family; each one of us is a little strange in different ways. That’s how it is, little one. You’ll have to see the love in your grandpa’s serious face, in your grandma’s worrying eyes, in your mom’s sometimes too loud voice, in your aunt’s quiet presence. I tell you what… I have the suspicion that you will come to instill knowledge in us, and to release our hugs.

I’ll teach you so much… I’ll teach you to read, even in english. Will you like to read? Will you? If not, don’t worry, it won’t all be so boring with me… I’ll show you the beauty of nature, we will play on the ground, I’ll sing for you, we will burst soap bubbles, and I’ll even let you eat dirt and grass outside… how’s that?

Little one, a miracle is what you are.

Your aunt.



Where is home? Quoting a saying, is home where the heart is?

Some people venture to live very far away from their mother land because of work, study or adventure. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they left no loved ones behind. Some are lucky enough to find love and create their own new families in the new lands they discover, but that doesn’t change the fact that some other very important people are miles away.

Sometimes, there is a feeling inside of us telling us to go to another place, because that’s where destiny is waiting for us, because where we are doesn’t feel quite like home. There will always be a split in our hearts between the memory and longing for those people who watched us grow up wishing nothing but the best for us, and that itch somewhere inside of us rushing for a life lived at it’s best potential somewhere else.

Personally, I have experienced guilt because of having dreams that irremediably lead me away from my grandparents, parents, siblings and family in general. Yes, there are phones, internet, airplanes… but it’s not quite the same.

In a place where family is very important, and in an upbringing that makes it nearly impossible to imagine not living close to family… how do you choose? How are you brave enough? How do you embrace the possibility of creating a family of your own somewhere else, or maybe not having that chance at all, but you still feel the need to explore the rest of the world and find home out there?

Home is where the heart is, the thing is: the heart can be in so many different places at the same time.