Life is like scrabble.

You play with the letter tiles that you get. A lot depends on chance, on luck… and the rest depends on the decisions you make, and how well equipped you are for making those decisions. The decisions other people make on the game (“Oh darn, I was going to use that S!”) would be like the uncertainties presented to us in the course of our existence.

Your approach in life is like the scrabble language of your choice… Have you ever tried playing scrabble in english, when what you have is a spanish oriented scrabble game? I have… and let me tell you, words come, but a time appears when you encounter yourself with a Ñ and you know there’s no hope for it. What I’m trying to reach with this is, well, sometimes we are approaching life in french, when the best choice would be approaching it in italian.

Sometimes all you need for using your whole set of letter tiles is an L, and you risk making a tile change… Some fortunate times, you get exactly an L, and other times, you just end up with another extra X. Yes fellow humans, things don’t always work out how we wish they did.

Some choices you make give you more benefit than others. It can happen that you miss chances in plain sight because you are completely absorbed thinking of the possibilities right there in the upper left corner.

You’ll have laughs while playing scrabble. You’ll have those who try to cheat. You’ll have those who will tell you “that is not a word” …and you can smugly prove them wrong.

Life is like scrabble, and as a game, we might as well enjoy playing it.


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    • Hello! Scrabble is one of my favorite games too.
      I must tell you… when I play with my family, I demand a chronometer to set a maximum time for each person’s turn, hehehe; I’m annoying that way, impatient.
      Thank you for commenting.

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