Beyond busy


It has been one of those weeks… A week that started earlier than a week ago, and that hasn’t ended yet. A week from bizarre world.

I have an intermittent pain on my back and neck thanks to being on a sitting position most part of my days. My eyes turn red because of the so many hours glaring at the computer screen. My sleeping schedule is all messed up… I find myself unable to sleep until it’s close to 4 am.

And at this very moment, when I feel the word busy doesn’t quite cover my situation, a big question is born like yellow to white transformed popcorn in the microwave: Why must I always leave things for last minute?

The truth is, I’ve had a lot of time to work in this project that is now keeping my nerves on edge. There were many times in the past months when I remembered it and still decided to read a book, or watch a movie, or have an evening of talk with someone instead. My project’s advance in one day of this week, was the advance of two solid weeks before.

I decided I had to finish it in order to get it done already and graduate this year. But again, why am I going through this unnecessary stress?

It all goes back to my university times when I still had homework and tests… always at last minute trying to finish everything the night before, with a can of coke (for the caffeine that didn’t have any effect on me), with the sound of roosters at 5 am, with the zombie face due to the lack of sleep, and the sometimes bad results for not having enough time for covering all the studying I had to do.

Oh dear… this is one of the things on my “to change” list. My project is due tomorrow, I’m going to make it; in fact, I’m just writing its final conclusions. Otherwise I wouldn’t be posting here. Or would I?


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  1. This tendency is maddening, but I don’t think it’s that unusual. I’m exactly that way. Here’s a link to a friend’s bog. Her name is Heidi, and in this post she describes her daily writing routine. My comment is the second one down from the top.

    As you begin your new blog, try to make a few solid contacts with other bloggers who will be supportive. I’d be honored to be included in that group, as well.

    Good luck and keep writing!

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