I miss someone today


I have done this before. Someone is here, and then is gone. Like a whisper only audible to the fragile soul. Longing and yearning have come, but it is not the time for them to go. Regret, be gone, you mislead the present, the past and the unknown. Pain, go, let the remembering stay on its own. Let go, let go. Time, go by, ease the air to my lungs.

I miss someone today.

Many times in my life, I have missed someone. Sometimes the feeling is more powerful than others, and the time and circumstances vary in many levels.

For me, the type of missing that comes when someone passes away takes more time to transform into a comfortable feeling than the other types of missing, but these other types are the harder ones to accept.

I’ve learned to see death as part of life, and that makes it easier to accept it. I still miss my family members that are gone, I still miss my dear dog… always in my heart but never again on the physical reach of my hand. Even if so, I can remember the late with love, joy, smiles and few occasional tears. Grief for death is not so hard to let go, because there’s nothing else to do but just accept it.

On the other hand, the ones that keep you thinking of all the possible things you could do or could have done. Those are the hard ones for me. When you miss someone because of indifference, distance or lack of love. Why couldn’t we get along? What keeps me here and not there? What did I do wrong? The very plausible (or not so much) future that did not get to be. All the unanswered questions that will not meet an answer…

The strangest type that I’ve encountered is when you miss someone you hardly even know. Life is a mystery (a huge one when it comes to mine).

I still miss someone today.


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  1. I like this one. You’re so right, the ones who leave us through death are in a way maybe a little easier to accept, maybe, than the ones that remain, but for whatever reason we can’t reach. I have a handful of people like that, sometimes they pop into my mind, maybe while I’m stuck in traffic after a long day at work. I need to learn to accept the mystery, my head gets it right away, but my heart tends to lag, maybe I should get it evaluated for a learning disability :0.

    • You know? Don’t waste money having your heart evaluated (haha), I can assure, from personal and impersonal experience, that over sensitive hearts always have learning disabilities… it’s like a Y chromosome defining someone as a male. I understand you completely in that regard.

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