One of a kind


In an obvious visible way, we are all one of a kind… A lovely variety from dark brown to light pink color in our skins; green, brown, blue, black , and a world of combinations between those colors in our eyes; hands, eyebrows, legs, buttocks and heads, in many different shapes and sizes. There are not two of us human beings that are exactly alike, not even identical twins.

But there’s something else, and that something else is more important defining us as individuals. Our personalities, our thoughts, our likes, our dreams, our cultures, our believes… Sadly, whenever someone is far off from the “normal” or common behavior, those same differences are scary and/or not approved by some people.

I’m not saying everyone should do whatever they like. I’m saying, as long as no one is hurting no one, people should be tolerant to embrace -or at least respect- every uncommon individual without trying to change him or her.

All my life I’ve faced questions directed to me mainly because I’m different, and the tone in which those questions are asked most of the times denotes the affirmation that I should change… Why are you so quiet? Why don’t you eat meat? Why do your shoulders move when you laugh but your laugh is not so loud? Why do you say the original idea of communism isn’t bad? Why don’t you like to dance? Etc.

But leaving my personal struggle aside, there are worse, worse things out there; to name some: racism, islamophobia, homophobia… and even people who don’t like dogs (I couldn’t resist the joke, sorry).

If everyone took the love and the time to really know that “thing” they see as so different and unacceptable, they’d find out that: it wasn’t how they thought it was, it wasn’t bad after all, and/or it was just an apple very much like the apples they have on their backyard.

Differences are something to cherish and respect; they do nothing but show how wonderful this world can be, and how wonderful everything that is part of it can be distinguished and beautiful by itself.

Don’t be normal. Always try to be a better person; but as long as you are happy, don’t change, be yourself.


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  1. First, thank you for subscribing to my site. Second, I like this post. I believe if everyone with an intolerable took a moment to think, they’d see what they dislike is not so bad after all.

    • Hello there, thanks for commenting. I’m glad you liked One of a kind. I subscribed to your site because, even if I have only read a few of your posts, I found them interesting and enjoyable… the plan is to read some more. Take care!

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  3. I agree with you absolutely. There is nothing more dangerous than the single-minded belief that there is one right way to do, or be, anything or anyone. We need to live this life with joy. And we can only do that if we’re open to the celebration of all of our depth and diversity. Awesome, awesome post. Well written!

    • Right… not one way, but many. Thank you so much for commenting, it’s very nice to know that you enjoyed reading it. Oh, and I have to say that you have written some awesome posts yourself, I like reading you. Take care!

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