Beginning of a written journey


Today is a fine day to start exploring the option of sharing my thoughts with the world -leaving aside the possibility that no one will read my blog-.

It has become a necessity for me, a loner in many different ways, a woman close to the late twenties living somewhere in our planet Earth (probably an emigrant from Mars though) that some times talks very little and other times talks too much. I’m a supporter of saying and hearing the truth any time… except for the little white lies.

Shy, peculiar, sensitive, smart, spiritual and curious by nature, I’m interested in many different things; I will randomly share topics, ideas, memories, writings, dreams or what I feel like to share at the moment.

Some starter pointers:

  • If you encounter contradictory ideas, it’s not abnormal, that’s just me sometimes.
  • It will never be my intention to offend anyone, excuse me if I do.
  • Forgive the orthographic and grammatical mistakes.

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